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'Manage my licence' service demo

This is a demo service and cannot be used to send any information or documents to the Licensing team.

Before you start

This demo is designed to let you get a feel for how the 'manage my licence' service could work. We'd really like your feedback before creating a fully working service.

The demo only has a few of the features that Taxi Licence holders have said they need most. The real service will let you do more and will also have a login to ensure your data is protected.

In this demo, you do not need to log in or provide any real information.

The demo shows information for "Dave Stewart" - a driver we've made up for this demo. Please take a look around the system and try completing the tasks in the 'To-do' list.

Once this 'To-do' list is complete, you'll be asked to give us some quick feedback on what you've seen.

Thank you

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